CEO Club of Baltimore | History


Comprised of chapters in the U.S., India, South Africa, Greece, and China, CEO Clubs International is a 35-year-old nonprofit, by-invitation-only membership association.

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CEO Club of Baltimore | Baltimore Chapter

Baltimore Chapter

The CEO Club Of Baltimore was founded by Douglas A. Strouse, Ph.D. Doug is currently President and CEO of Global Data Source, LLC, a firm that specializes in business process outsourcing.

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CEO Club of Baltimore | PAC


CEOs working together with other CEOs are the heart of the PAC and this mutual cooperation is a very powerful mechanism.

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About CEO Club

CEO Club of Baltimore
CEO Club Of Baltimore.

The Chief Executive Officers’ Club provides opportunities for CEOs of businesses, with a minimum of $2 million in annual revenue, to expand their network of CEO contacts and receive information that could prove critical to their organizations.

The CEO Club of Baltimore is one of four regional US and four international chapters of a non-profit, educational organization headquartered in Maryland. We serve as a mutual Board of Advisors comprised of CEO Club members. We provide intensive consulting to you and your business, offering the opportunity to present your company’s greatest problems, concerns, and aspirations in a confidential setting.

We’ve had an outstanding response to the concept of CEOs meeting other CEOs, gaining insights from each other and sharing relevant information. Through speakers, panels, roundtables or the one-on-one exchange of ideas between CEOs, we provide our Members, with critical, up-to-date information to help them become more successful leaders and run more profitable organizations.

CEO Club Of Baltimore PAC

CEOs working together with other CEOs are the heart of the PAC and this mutual cooperation is a very powerful mechanism. The CEO Club of Baltimore PAC is made up of the CEOs of the larger companies of the CEO Club of Baltimore. Under the guidance of an experienced facilitator, CEO Club Members meet six times a year in the even numbered months at a different PAC Member’s business location and agree to serve as a mutual board of advisors and councilors for one another. An added benefit of the PAC is the CEOs develop close relationships with each other and the facilitator.

The CEO Club of Baltimore PAC Members take turns hosting each meeting by providing a meeting place for the group. The facilitator sends out an agenda and literature, if appropriate for the Host’s issue, to the PAC Members prior to the meeting. The early morning session begins with recaps and current developments by the PAC Members who introduce an issue and receive feedback from the other PAC Members. The Host then focuses on his or her single, biggest problem or opportunity and the other PAC Members share their thoughts on the Host’s issue. It is an alliance of minds, working together, for a purposeful meaning.

A single idea at one of the six PAC meetings held each year could pay back many times more than the annual dues. We will not charge for the first meeting, as it will serve as an introduction of the PAC concept.

Each PAC Member must:

  • 1. Be a CEO Club Member and be invited to attend
  • 2. Be accepted by a unanimous vote of the current PAC Members
  • 3. Pay the quarterly dues
  • 4. Sign a mutual confidentiality agreement
  • 5. Agree to share financial and operational information pertaining to their issue

From discussions with some of our CEO Club of Baltimore PAC Members, the PAC is the best part of the Club. It's a time when a small group of people, with the same responsibilities, similar needs and motivations, get together to share their issues - whether those issues are opportunities or problems. The PAC Members then work together in a non-threatening and supportive environment to either offer ideas to expand their opportunities or suggest solutions to help solve their problems.